Bringing Solar Power to the Lone Star State

Located in Wharton County, TX, Red-Tailed Hawk is currently ACCIONA Energia’s largest photovoltaic (PV) project in the world. The project is ACCIONA Energia’s fifth investment in the State of Texas, joining the Fort Bend Solar Farm and three operational wind farms in Cameron County, TX.

Red-Tailed Hawk will have a capacity of 350 MWac of photovoltaic solar energy, enough to meet the energy needs of 66,500 Texas households. The project will create approximately 400 jobs during its peak construction phase and 15 permanent jobs once operational.  Moreover, it will contribute millions in local tax revenue over its 30+ year lifetime.


ACCIONA’s team is committed to using local businesses and services providers when possible during construction and operation.


  • Location: Wharton County, TX
  • Capacity: 350 MWac PV
  • Technology: Solar panels affixed to solar trackers
  • Timeline:
    • Local Permitting: 2022
    • Construction: 2022-2023
    • Begin Operations: 2024
  • Owners: ACCIONA Energia


  • To date, Red-Tailed Hawk represents ACCIONA Energia’s largest PV project in the world
  • Site will feature solar panels, affixed to solar trackers that maximize production throughout the day
  • Estimated to generate millions in local tax revenue over the life of the project, while offering income diversity to the landowners participating in the solar farm
  • Up to 400 new direct jobs during peak construction and 15 permanent, fulltime jobs once operational

Local Benefits of Solar Energy

  • A boost in tax revenue without an increased demand on local services like police and schools
  • Local job creation and support of local businesses
  • Local partnership opportunities. Each ACCIONA Energia project includes a social impact management program dedicated to advancing education, wellness or environmental stewardship

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